Starter set


Just starting out with resistance bands and not sure what strength to get? Or, do you prefer to alternate between different strengths? We got you. Our starter set offers you the ability to easily mix it up in between workouts with two different strengths: light and medium. These bands are perfect to help you either activate or isolate your glutes prior to or during your workout. Combine these two magic bands together and a glute burn is guaranteed.

Colour: Light Blue & Silver

Strength: Light & Medium

Level: beginner/intermediate/advanced

Out of stock

Out of stock



Resistance bands are the ultimate way to activate your glutes and maximize the results of your booty building workouts! Whether you’re working out in the gym, at home or in a hotel room.

All our resistance bands are heavy-duty and made from a custom cotton, polyester and rubber blend.

Planning to go on a trip? Our booty bands add little to no extra weight to your baggage and are delivered in a reusable package  – so there is no excuse to not take these anywhere you go!


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