Size guide

Not sure what size to get? We get it. There are many resistance bands out there –  all in a different colour, strength or size. That is why we’ve composed this convenient little size guide so that you can order the right for you right from the start.

Match your strength

I’ve been training with latex resistance bands:

Latex resistance bands often don’t come anywhere near the resistance that fabric booty bands can provide. And, whilst we want your glutes to be sore, we do prefer it if you’re still able to walk after a workout. Therefore, please choose 1 to 2 sizes lighter than you’re accustomed to. Do you usually train with a heavy latex band? Then opt for a light, or potentially medium-strength fabric resistance band. Counterintuitive, we know, but you’ll thank us later.

I’ve never trained with resistance bands before:

Yes. First of all, good news. Your glutes are in for a treat. Second, make sure you start light. Even if you train regularly, your body needs to get accustomed to a different way of activating and isolating the glutes. This has to do with the fact that, normally, your glutes tend to be quite lazy. Which we can’t really blame them for seeing we mostly just sit on them all day long. Therefore, start light and build it up gradually over time.

TIP: if you’re not sure what strength to get and/or like to switch it up between workouts: purchase a set. That way you can interchange easily between a light booty band and a heavier one. The lighter ones will always come in handy for glute activation and isolation, even further along in your workout progress.

I use resistance bands to activate my glutes with longer repetitions:

I’ve your using booty bands to either activate or isolate your glutes with longer reps; please choose a light or medium booty band. As our resistance bands are made from a custom fabric blend, they’re already pretty strong. The light or medium variant will ensure that you’ll get enough width to execute your exercises properly. Exercises that are perfect for the light and medium resistance bands include kickbacks, side steps, donkey kicks, and fire hydrants.

I like to lift heavy weights and use booty bands:

Strong is the new sexy- nice job. If you like to lift heavy with exercises such as deadlifts, hip thrusts, and squats, we recommend purchasing a medium to heavy booty band. These ensure you get enough resistance from the bands whilst putting full power in your lifts. If you want to activate your glutes before heavy lifting, we recommend using a medium (or light, depending on the reps) resistance band.

Choose your strength